Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Easy Decorating DIY

I have some very easy decorating ideas using natural items you have or may have in your yard or find on a nature walk...

Apples in a pretty bowl or platter with magnolia leaves arranged around them. This would be great for a fall or Christmas centerpiece.

A wicker tray with a candle and apples arranged around the candle.. This would look better with more apples and also with gourds and small pumpkins for fall or even pinecones. I think it would also work with an arrangement of Christmas ornaments.

I really love this... a cute vintage kitty cat planter with small flags inside and a vintage stars and
stripes bowl.

This is just 4 small glass vases with 1-3 rose buds and black-eyed susan for contrast. I then snipped some leaves from my Japanese maple and tucked them in. I arranged them on little mirror and added a few battery operated votive candles.

I love hydrangeas and my bush is just now producing mid-October. I hope they develop before it frosts so that I can pick some to decorate with.