Friday, August 1, 2014

Usages for Clear Plastic Salad Containers

You know these containers and have probably thrown many away. Wait, read what you can do with them.

1. They make great seed starters because they are like mini greenhouses. Punch a few holes in the bottom, add soil and seeds in the container and place in a sunny window and mist with water every day or so.  Transplant to a larger pot when they are about an inch or two high.

2. Send home leftovers with guests or adult children. This way you don't mind that you don't get the containers back.

3. Reuse for the obvious - salads or other cold lunches for work. Remember, you cannot microwave these.

4. Keep things organized - crayons, buttons, all those small condiment packages of ketchup, soy sauce, etc., craft supplies. I am sure you can think of  a million other things to store in them.

5. Use to mix paint for art and craft projects.

6. Cut them up and use as labels for plants. Write the name of the plant with a permanent marker.

7.  Fill with cookies or candy and put a bow on top to give as gifts.

8. Store bulk food items like dried beans and rice that come in bags.

9. Create your own spice rubs and store in the containers.

10. Use in the garage for storing nails, screws, etc.

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